We offer a variety of services that can go beyond the services listed below. Nevertheless, here is an overview of the main reasons to do business with Priorité Redsources

What we offer


What we offer


Did you know that less than 10% of jobs are posted publicly? This means that even if you are a quality candidate, you only have access to the opportunity to apply for 1 possible job over 10. Unless you maintain excellent relations with the leaders of several companies, the odds are that you will have to fight against a huge number of applicants for only a few positions. We’re trying to change that. By doing business with Priorité Ressources, you have access to employment experts who will connect you with much of the remaining 90%, and multiplying by 10 the number of jobs on which you can apply, very often jobs that are not even publicly displayed.

Humane treatment stems from the way we view human resources. You are a worker and make every effort to work? It is quite normal to want to be treated humanely. That’s why at Priorité Ressources, you are guaranteed to get an answer to your questions or comments and to have a follow-up of your application. In addition, your application will not be unnoticed by entrepreneurs; we will do everything in our power to ensure that companies know how much of a quality candidate you are. Simply put, we do not see workers as numbers, which seems to be so common in human resources, but as human willing to work and help.

If there is no job available for you, we can offer you to add your application to a bank of candidates that will be used continuously in order to place qualified personnel in numerous entreprises. If your job searches are unsuccessful, you will know that Priorité Ressources is working in parallel to find you the perfect job. If you need help in your job search, our consultants are available (CV aid, where to apply, career development proposals, improve your image during interviews, etc.)

You decided to create your own job? This does not mean that you cannot have access to the same services that a large company uses. Indeed, all the services section of our Services for entrepreneurs and Communication and marketing Services are also offered to you. Of course, our rates will take into consideration that you are self-employed and do not have the financial resources of a large company. There is no reason why you should be treated differently than a big company.