Priorité Ressources is the employment, human resources and communication reference born of the idea that there was a need of improve the world of human resources.


You may have had to deal with a human resources department in your life. Maybe everything was fine, but it is a safe bet that the experience was not that wonderful. In the careers of our experts, the most frequent comment on the perception of human resources are:


  1. Human resources are a department that sees people as numbers
  2. They only serve to disqualify, not to find good employees
  3. They do not know the environment in which they work
  4. They are an obstacle to the performance of a company


Obviously, it should not be generalized for all human resources companies, but there is still something to worry about. Several presidents of various companies have even, over time, tried to get hired in their own company, sometimes even under their real name. The experience was very revealing since the majority of them were denied a position within the company they run. So that’s why, facing this common vision of human resources, the idea of starting a human resources company that focus on humans came.


Our motto: Because before the worker and the entrepreneur, there is a human being


We offer various services to workers and entrepreneurs. You can look under “Our services” to see them. They all come with the same warranty: a people-centered service, fast response and coaching tailored to your needs.


Workers and entrepreneurs, welcome to Priorité Ressources