We offer a variety of services that can go beyond the services listed below. Nevertheless, here is an overview of the main reasons to do business with Priorité Ressources

What we offer


The most in-demand service with Priorité Ressources is to look for qualified and competent employees. With hundreds of successful job placements, there is no doubt that we can help you. Beyond searching for employees, what will probably interest you is to establish a policy that promotes retention. Talented employees are numerous and they seek the best opportunities on the market. This does not necessarily mean finding a better salary, but interesting working conditions, a stimulating work environment, challenges to the height of their abilities, etc. We can help you transform your business in a point of attraction for talent so that you retain good employees. We can also assume full management of job references of your employees.
Any good entrepreneur knows that he should push ahead when there is a good business idea. Every good entrepreneur also knows that he can not necessarily accomplish everything alone and that he can gain from looking elsewhere for expertise and from delegating. Priorité Ressources may well be that expertise regarding your business management. We do not give you vague recommendations about your business management. We can help you to assess the performance of your company, department by department, quantitatively and qualitatively to offer you the best solutions to keep what works and improve what does not bring you maximum productivity.
Although we can provide you with skilled employees, it still remains that every company has to constantly seek to improve the skills of its employees and to ensure that they work together, achieving the same objectives. A good company will ensure to always keep the advantage in terms of its workforce by training it regularly. Obviously we can assist you by training your workforce on subjects as varied as work ethics, health and safety, prevention regarding alcohol and drugs, transportation, logistics, handling of hazardous materials, time and personnel management, and this list is far from exhaustive. All this can be realized in the form of workshop and training conferences, development of new policies and new plans, assistance during your own training events. It goes without saying that our work is not limited to only training. We also ensure that all this new knowledge is understood well and applied in the daily activities of the company. For the new workforce, the same logic applies: we ensure that new employees are well trained and integrated into your team to reduce the integration time and to maximize each performance.

When your business grows, the question of pay equity will necessarily impose itself in daily management. Are your employees paid fairly compared to the industry average? Are the women, for equal work and equivalent qualifications, paid the same as men? If your employees complain that their salary conditions are less than the industry average, are they right? If so, what to do? This is a series of simple questions that you must necessarily ask yourself both to repect the Pay Equity Act and to make sure you offer competitive working conditions for your employees and to ensure that you retain and attract good skilled workers. We know that the task of calculating all salary conditions and of drawing a canvas of the changes needed is very heavy and takes time, especially for those who have never had to make that evaluation. Therefore Priorité Ressourcesy can do it for you. We offer our services both to evaluate your situation to propose solutions so that all your employees are treated fairly and so that your business remains competitive in terms of personnel management.


Your business works? It is profitable? We wish to congratulate you. However, one should not think that everything will remain the same. The past is not a prediction the future. Many large companies have missed the turn of modernity and, although business models at a time, have lost large market shares or simply went bankrupt. At Priorité Ressources, we can ensure a successful modernization to ensure that your company remains competitive even in the very long term. Having good business practices, being able to adapt to changes and fluctuations of the market, adopting new technologies, newer means of communication and being able to train your employees for your business to be able to survive are just a few ways among many others where Priorité Ressources can assist you because of its experience.
You may have visited a job fair. On site, you may have seen that only a few kiosks usually attract most of the people. It is not a coincidence. You see, many companies make the mistake of believing that not putting a banner and by taking only an employee at random without training to represent the company, will result in people rushing to go to the booth. This way, you end up with an empty booth where tired employees cross their arms and attract no one. Unless your company is already well known and people are already fighting just to work for you, it is unlikely that the minimum effort will bring you great results. At Priorité Ressources, we know perfectly how to organize a booth or how to prepare great classes that engage people. You think that you cannot compete with giants such as Bombardier, Royal Bank of Canada or the Canadian Armed Forces? You would be wrong. The company that take the means to prepare and manage its public performances will experience a huge success. So do what your competitor does not dare to do and ask us for help in order to have THE most visited booth during each event.
Several projects and new business ideas are presented to Priorité Ressources regularly. We have developed the expertise to help you plan everything when starting. Whether assess if your idea has potential or to set up all the necessary elements so you can carry out your projects, we’re happy to be the partner of every entrepreneur who is willing to work hard to build his own business.
Several services in communication and marketing are also offered to entrepreneurs. To learn more about them, please see our Communications and Marketing section.