Please note that our partners are not ranked in order of importance or appreciation , but, out of fairness, in alphabetical order.

103.1 FM


Raymond Bureau was already partner of  the 103.1FM radio of Markinongé RCM for several years. Guest Columnist on topics such as business, literary news and many other topics, it seemed natural for the 103.1FM to also be partner with Priorité Ressources. You will hear his columns and our ads on our their airwaves. Note that the 103.1FM was nominated 5 times at Gala de l’ADISQ and recipient of two awards. It is also a board member and community projects partner in the Louiseville and Maskinongé area.


Art Ciment


Art Ciment and Créations Sybol are the epitome of what two talented artists can accomplish when seeking to develop a unique art. Whether through their exceptional air brushing technique or by their sculptures of all kinds, Art Ciment is the company you need to contact if you are looking for a unique design for your home, business, etc. The collaboration between Art Ciment and us is simple: the artistic talent was there, only a little help to organize was required so the company can sell the artworks, not just produce them.




The relationship between Drakkar and Priorité Ressources is primarily that of a friendship between Raymond Bureau and the founding president of Drakkar, Michel Blaquière. During the 90s, Mr. Blaquière was starting his business. The honesty and the wisdom of this man has always appealed to Mr. Bureau. This is also partly because of him, of his time and advices, that Mr. Bureau was able to make a name for himself in business and human resources. Visionary, Mr. Blaquière created, surrounded himself with creative staff and was able to transform Drakkar into a human resources reference.

If you are looking for a job, visit Drakkar. When asked how you heard about Drakkar, enter “Reference” and, to the specify question, enter “Priorité Ressources” so that we can follow up and help you in your new career.

Festival brassicole de la Mauricie


Since 2015, some Priorité Ressources employees voluntarily participate in the management and operation of the Festival brassicole de la Mauricie. In 2016, they even got a place on their board of directors. This association was natural: we hardly say no to a beer, let alone an entire festival focused on a Quebec passion, that of beer from our microbreweries. All brewed in Quebec with quality ingredients often including organic barley from Bio Malt Mauricie, it is the pride of our cities and our regions that takes storefront at this major festival. Cheers!


Mentes Rito c

Rito is a company specialized in the manufacture of sweets and chocolates in the Trois-Rivières area. We maintain a special relationship with this company as it is our first completed contract. Indeed, when the company needed to fill a QA position, Priorité Ressources was there to help. It started a lasting relationship and … a particularly sweet one.




Since 2016, food giant Sobeys has trusted Priorité Ressources for a multitude of services. First, to set up and implement a program focused on road safety. The latter includes a driver performance protocol, management of collisions and accidents, follow-up of drivers’ files (class 1, lost points, driving record, tickets), an application of law 430, a monitoring program of driving hours including regular road tests and a general financial administration so that the company keeps a good rating.

Sobeys employs a multitude of transportation subcontractors and can be complex to manage. That’s why Priorité Ressources helps to build companies and drivers files, ensures that insurance is up-to-date, that every subcontractor’s performance is good and that the fleet is effective, efficient and safe. Sobeys also has a large workforce including a variety of drivers. Priorité Ressources also assists in the assembly of these drivers’ files, in the staffing, in the follow-up of job advertisements and, in general, in changing the ways to improve the retention of good drivers.

Finally, the biggest piece of work to be done on a regular basis for Sobeys is to ensure optimal control of maintenance. This is done both through the introduction of new maintenance protocols, but also through a state-of-the-art computer program based on expenditure tracking. The combination of these two elements offers a multitude of benefits to the company: having clear performance indicators, owning a modern PO management and monitoring system, using new and efficient equipment purchasing protocols, avoiding Incremental costs through a tight tire management system, assuring warranties, knowing the precise performance of the garage and fleet, being able to consult up-to-date supplier files tracing their performance and ability to meet the company’s requirements and, ultimately, having a simple and well-structured expense control program. 

Transport Laurentien


Our relationship with Transport Laurentien perfectly represents the type of client we like to assist and what we can do better. As a company already well established, we built a lasting relationship with them in order to create a maintenance program that allows them to increase their productivity by having access to useful but complex to calculate information such as: performance of each truck, the cost per unit, per category, services that could be improved, those that work very well, etc. In addition, a little help in terms of human resources allowed them only by small adjustments, to establish a retention program tailored to their needs.

Transport Vilmik et J.A. Pouliot


Two companies, two different visions yet same administration. Transport Vilmik and JA Pouliot are among those companies that start humbly, but are determined to grow and become important players in a highly competitive industry. That’s why we assist them with human resource procedures, as well as operation and maintenance management. We were able to reduce administrative burdens, have a better payroll system, implement an integration program and keep records of the drivers updated. With these changes and determination, we were able to end the personnel turnover 



Truck Stop Québec


Truck Stop Quebec is the French reference for any truck driver who is interested in news from the world of trucking. Initially a simple exchange of services, we collaborate regularly at various Truck Stop Québec events. Right now, there is, each month, an article signed by Raymond Bureau and his team that you can read on their website. Even better than that, he is invited every Wednesday to collaborate to their radio show. This is a natural collaboration. What can you say, between trucking enthusiasts, we must help each others out.