Our Team

Raymond Bureau

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Raymond is both owner of Priorité Resources and management consultant. A man of many talents, he is a true veteran of the world of human resources, business and personnel management. His experience is so vast that this page should be increased tenfold to summarize his many talents.

Holding a bachelor degree in biology from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, Raymond quickly turn to the business and personnel management. Himself owner of numerous business, he will also serve under a variety of titles: trainer, manager and transportation specialist, business administrator, director of Foundations, recruitment and retention specialist, sought consultant for its expertise of the business world, business management, personnel management, work safety, transportation of hazardous materials and his incredible ability to teach work ethic. Whether to manage 10 or 1,500 employees, he has seen it all and has not experienced a challenge he has not been able to take. Let’s bet that the challenges you will bring him won’t be able to stop him.

Above all this, Raymond has found time to be a husband and a caring father, author of two bestselling books, entrepreneurial columnist for the 103,1FM radio and sought-after speaker in entrepreneurship.

Raymond is the man for the job to help you find a job, good employees or to coach you on every imaginable elements as to the proper management of your business. His determination and openness make him the ideal candidate to bring to light all that is good and all that could be improved for your career or your business to be successful.


Maxime LeDuc

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Maxime is our director of communications and marketing. Holding a bachelor degree in communication, politics and society and an environmental sciences master from the University of Quebec in Montreal, he is a formidable communicator who can help you convey your message in the most effective way. Specializing in marketing, communication, web platforms management, social networking and journalism, he has stood out in many companies and organizations working in the field of the environment, tourism, IT, customer service, film industry and many others.

Maxime has also held various positions ranging from IT training and management, orchestral musician and environmental specialist (environmental management, contaminated soil, ecotourism) to multimedia and film journalist. He also has its own marketing communications company and therefore combines the latter VirtuaVox to Priorité Ressources.

Maxime is the person you need to give your company a professional and at the same time human image. Creative and hardworking, he will not lack ideas for you to stand out from the competition while avoiding the pitfalls of both real and virtual communication.



Chantale Tessier

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Biography to come

Aghiles Belhadef

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Aghiles is our expert in technological products and high-level mathematics. Holding a bachelor degree in Economics and Management from UQAM, a collective savings permit from Moody and a license in management science (finance option) from the University of Algiers, he is an outstanding manager and is able to transform complex situations for businesses into simple and useful tools. This is also why he was offered management positions shortly after arriving in Quebec.

Having immigrated from Algeria, he also became a master of the whole immigration process and gives us an incredible hand at Priorité Ressources when it comes to hiring foreign workers for businesses . However, where he is needed the most is not on immigration issues but on pay equity management. The long process to make complex calculations leading to a clear big picture of what is just for all employees of a company is his masterpiece.

Aghiles is meticulous, determined and extremely disciplined in his work. We are proud to use the services of this rising star.