You may be wondering what is supposed to represent our logo and what the link with Priorité Ressources is. Our logo is a raccoon. Why choose this often considered pest? Well because this little animal has many talents largely unknown to the public. That’s why we’ve added a majestic mane to give him all the glory he deserves.


The raccoon is an animal of exceptional intelligence, which can adapt to different situations and always manages to find all the resources it needs. After humans, he is one of the animals best suited to the city. Several populations of raccoons will also never leave the city, they are perfectly suited to it. Many recent studies on these populations were able to demonstrate the complexity of this adaptation.


  • Raccoons live in small colonies and share information with each other about where the food, various resources and dangers are, etc. Their ability to pass on their knowledge has indeed been proven.
  • Regardless of the strategies used by humans to repel raccoons, they become increasingly useless as these small animals are perfectly adapted to their environment. The more we add obstacles, the more we participate in the formation of super animals.
  • The raccoon mothers are champions to educate, assist and help their cubs, etc. They show them everything they need to know, not doing everything for them, only helping them in their learning in order to make them independent as efficiently as possible.
  • The raccoon has the ability to plan well in advance. A bit like the bear, without having to hibernate, he knows when to prepare for the winter, where to find the necessary resources for its survival. It also knows how to choose the right time to indulge in his usual activities.

It is these qualities that make the raccoon our logo. Like him, Priorité Ressources is a company that efficiently adapts to different labor markets, who knows how to bypass traditional barriers of human resources, who supports numerous companies to make them productive and who knows how to expect the unexpected or to never be caught unprepared


ratons laveurs

Would you prefer your company to be supported by a giant animal like a lion that cannot easily adapt to unforeseen situations or would you prefer an intelligent animal that adapts itself to all situations by communicating, helping and teaching?